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This set of research projects asks the question do tamarins notice the same feature differences that we do in objects? In faces? In animal groupings? Does it matter whether monkeys have had deeper experiential experiences with the objects to form categories around them? Do tamarins apply the same grouping principles, like a preference to note the global shape of something over the little details by which it is made, and do tamarins use gestalt grouping principles like proximity, similarity, and closure to make sense of their perceptual world?


This work spans from Neiworth’s postdoctoral days in the late 1980’s (familiar object categorization in rhesus monkeys) to studies at Carleton beginning in 2001 to 2014. It is likely that we will continue to find aspects of category formation that we want to study in the future, and we are examining category rule shifting (see Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease for examples) at present (2022).

Please click on the tabs above to find out more about our investigation of Familiar Object Categorization, Animal Categories, Face Processing, Global-Local Processing, Gestalt Processing.​

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