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Julie Neiworth has accepted about 10 students each year to work as collaborative researchers during the academic year, and 4-6 student researchers every summer. The tamarin project started December 1998 after a small group of willing students remained over Winter break to help settle 8 adult monkeys, and on December 24, 2 babies, into Carleton’s colony.

Please click on a year to track students who worked in the lab. We make every attempt to find out what students are up to now, and link current pages to their names.


Summer 2023, above and right.


Summer Research Dinner, July, 2022. From Left to Right: John Garay Hernandez (2024), Maddy LoRusso (2023), Suhani Thandi (2023), Julie Neiworth (Faculty), Ellie Leon-Moffly (2023), Maddie Thall (2022, 5th year intern), Ana Knighten (2020, 5th year intern).


Summer Research Dinner, July 2021. Starting from top of table, clockwise: Julie Neiworth (faculty), Jamie Kortanek, Lydia Boyum, Luis Alvarez, Shannon Lui, Ana Knighten (5th year intern, 2020).


Monkey Crew 2012


Academic year 2020-2021 researchers from left to right: Emily Spain, Maris Daleo, Elena Morales-Grahl, Maia Danks.


Summer lab group 2016

Summer lab dinner, 2017. Isabelle Rieth, Katie Eppard, Abby Sharer, Marshall Ma, Katie Hauge, Christopher Kwon.


Summer lab 2019


Senior Lab Dinner 2019: Christopher Kwon, Katie Hauge, Julie Neiworth, Chris Leppink-Shands, Will Lanzillo, Gifty Amos Nwankwo


Summer Research Team 2021 from left to right: Jamie Kortanek (2022), Luis Alvarez (2022), Ana Knighten (5th year intern), Shannon Liu (2023), Lydia Boyum (2022), Julie Neiworth (faculty).


MidBrains Poster Presentation, Oct 2017. Katie Eppard, Isabelle Rieth, Sophie Bokor, Marshall Ma, Sarah Min, Abby Sharer, Christopher Kwon.


Summer Lab 2018, at MidBrains Conference.


Monkey lab 2017. Abby Sharer, Katie Eppard, Isabelle Rieth, Julie Neiworth, Christopher Kwon, Katie Hauge, Alexandria Carlsen, Claire Hobbie, Marshall Ma.

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