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Welcome to the Neiworth Primate Cognition Lab!

This is our 26th year of working with and getting to know the tamarins at Carleton College with…

  • 32 monkeys that have spanned over three generations

  • About 156 undergraduate collaborators to date 

  • Five NIH grants, totaling $1.7 million dollars and

  • More than 2 dozen publications and presentations


This program is supervised by Julie Neiworth, Laurence McKinley Gould Professor of the Natural Sciences and Psychology.

Watch the new video "Celebrating 35 years with Julie" in which alumni share how they benefit from their Carleton experiences in Julie's classes and lab!

Haagen Dasz, contemplating her choices. (2019, Chris Leppink-Shands)

This research is sponsored in part by grants from the National Institute of Health, by summer research support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, by a Eugster Fellow Award, and by Carleton College.

Read the LATEST most current work being published from the lab. This just in (Oct 16, 2023), our publication in Nature's Scientific Reports entitled "A recognition test in monkeys to differentiate recollection from familiarity memory." Click the title to link to the article.

Current grant: NIH AREA grant 2R15AG051940-02 (see NIH RePORTER), Longitudinal Cognitive Behavioral Testing and Immunohistochemical Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease Markers, Immune Response, Neurogenesis, and Cell Loss in a Natural Aging Primate Model, $438,067, Feb 2021 – Jan 2025.

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