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Julie's Psychology of Learning and Memory Lab Posters!

At the end of Psychology 210/211, students make posters to describe and defend their independent projects conducted in the Psy 211 lab. Julie makes desserts. The rest is a lot of fun! (3/11/2023)

Left to right: Maya Stovall, Ian Ferrucci, Chris Melo Mejia, Nayi Abdi, Jake Jasmer, Anita Obor, Petrichor Park, Julie Neiworth, Mara Swanson, Monarch Kelly, Maxima Gomez-Palmer, Eva Cao, Charley Draheim, Shanti Chier, Emma Henry, Asher Stolberg, Laura Boyd, Claudette Valencia, Joseph Park, Sam Gossard, TA Rehana Naik-Olson.

Psych 210/211 students share their research projects with friends, peers, and passersby in the Anderson Atrium.


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