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Summer Research 2023!

We've been so busy we forgot to post! We've had lab meetings, research, and summer dinner at Julie's house. Also we experienced the changing of the guards, with Maddie Thall leaving us for graduate school at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Maddy LoRusso joining us as the 5th year intern for tamarin research for 2023-2024!

First picture -- first lab meeting: L-R, Anita Obor, Megan Cablk, Anka Raicevic, Maddie Thall, Julie Neiworth.

Middle picture -- lab dinner: Counterclockwise starting at the bottom, Megan, Anka, Maddie Thall, Anita, Liam Kennedy, Henry Petrini, Julie Neiworth.

Picture to the right -- lab meeting and new 5th year intern! L-R: Laurie Avila (above), Liam Kennedy, Maddie Thall (above), Anita Obor (below), Megan Cablk, Anka Raicevic(middle), Ella Rogers (above), Maddy LoRusso (below), Julie Neiworth.


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