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No more monkeys jumping on the bed...

I remember this rhyme from when I was little, and it came to me again after we lost our last monkey to monkey heaven. Yes, Oriole passed on today, Sunday, June 23. She showed signs of turning her aging issues around in cycles over the last 3 weeks but finally succumbed today. I was there; I was holding her; I was telling her we loved her and it would be okay. She was the daughter of one of my first monkeys, Olympia, a younger sibling in a family of six who arrived at Carleton in December of 1998. Oriole was born here and lived her life with us, and it was an exciting one, and one I hope she enjoyed.

Here's the last video of her, from Friday, June 21, when she was feeling a little perky and explored the medical cage. She was a glorious older cranky female. Would not have it any other way! We miss you Oriole! We'll never forget.


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