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Oriole is now 18! We celebrated!

Oriole's birthday was Oct 5. She's a picky eater and has not tried too many bakery items when I bring them in (while the other monkeys gobble them up). So we provided 3 forms of happiness for her -- a slice of pumpkin bread with maple glaze and pumpkin seeds, the labees visiting and hanging out for awhile, and a visit from Jamie the baby pigeon. Oriole is very curious about Jamie and loves to watch her.

Top left: Ella, Megan, Anka, Maddy, Moira, Liam, and the pumpkin bread and Jamie!

Top middle: Oriole watches Jamie.

Top right: Julie shows Oriole her birthday treats.

Lower left: Encore is out and Forté is on his way out for pumpkin bread.

Lower middle: Encore with a little frosting... soooo goood.

Lower right: Forté and Encore wait to approach the bowl of goodies.


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