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Presenting at MUPC!

Updated: May 30, 2023

This past Saturday, April 29, the lab took a trip up to Bethel University for the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference! We presented our recent research on episodic and semantic memory, titled "What do monkeys forget when they forget?" There were a lot of great questions asked and we really enjoyed talking about our monkeys! We also had 2 students from the lab, Shannon Liu and Maddy LoRusso, present their own research from their senior comps projects. After the conference, we all went out to celebrate with food and drinks. All in all, it was quite a successful day and we had a blast!

Take a look at our poster! Top; left to right: Maddy LoRusso, Julie Neiworth, Maddie Thall, Suhani Thandi Bottom; left to right: Ellie Leon-Moffly, Moira Rankin, Shannon Liu

Shannon presents on attention and memory training; Maddy presents on dog cognition; The whole team goes out to celebrate!


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