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We donated monkey toys to Alveus Sanctuary!

We have a full crew this summer and no more monkeys (see prior post). Of course, Julie has ideas about what we can do, including lab work, reviewing videos of our monkeys to build an archival set, and making sure all of our supplies, toys, and devices/enclosures go to good homes! Here we are shipping boxes of toys and supplies to a wonderful sanctuary that recently accepted several marmosets that were once pets to someone and now live in a great enclosure (Alveus Sanctuary). Please enjoy the crew sending the toys from our mail store in Northfield, and Maya Higa opening our boxes (see around 3: 05:00 in the video) and receiving these supplies! Hope to donate a little more soon.

From left to right, Eliza Hawthorne, Anka Raicevic, Maddy LoRusso, Julie Neiworth, Megan Cablk.

And CLICK on the message or the link below (go to 3:05:00 to see our gifts) to see Alveus Sanctuary open up our 3 boxes!


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