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Encore, female, born 4/6/02, arrived at Carleton from U-Wisconsin on 7/7/03. Heron and Encore had Egret, their son, at Carleton. Encore recently died (2-27-2024) and we miss her dearly. She had several partners throughout her stay at Carleton, including Mac in 2004, Heron in 2006, Vireo in 2016, and her brother, Forté, from 2021-2024.  She was a very intelligent little monkey who knew what she wanted and navigated social situations with grace and ease. Although she was a twin, she had strong older sister vibes and she knew that she was the boss. She left this world being held by Julie Neiworth, and she snuggled in her hands to go to sleep.


Encore curiously looking into the camera at her own reflection.


Encore surveying her territory while on the hunt for cheerios.


Encore peeking at you from her branches.

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