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Oriole is a female born 10/5/05. She is the daughter of Vulture and Olympia, and she shares many of their same mannerisms. She is our only monkey in the colony, and she is very old at age 18. Oriole most recently lived with Roosevelt whom she loved very dearly, and he passed away in 2023. She enjoyed making long calls to Encore and Forté, who died recently in 2024. We are now long calling with her and spending soical hours every day with her. While Oriole can be hard to get to know, she isn't afraid to show her spunky personality when she trusts you. She surprises us daily!


Oriole making herself look as majestic and important as she possibly can.


Oriole waiting for a froot loop on her branch (blue or purple please!)


Oriole posing for an artsy picture.


She always looks a little bit cranky - she is our sweet grumpy girl.

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