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Forté, a male born 4/6/02, lived with his twin sister, Encore for the last 3 years of his life. He died on 2/24/2024. It was somewhat surprising when he died but he had been moved to a medical cage for about 6 days and had slowed his climbing and was more contemplative but still eager to please. He took treats from us the during the day of Feb 24, and died falling asleep on his heating pad that evening. Forté arrived on 03/15/2007 from U-Wisconsin-Madison. He was always optimistic, curious, and ready to interact with people and monkey partners. He arrived with a mate, Descartes, and Julie was told never to separate them. After Descartes died in 2017, Forté was paired with Haagen Dasz, and after she passed away in 2020, was reunited with his twin sister, Encore in 2021.  Most known for his upside-down crawl along the ceiling of cages, Forté loved exploring toys, people, games, and getting treats out of his wagon wheel. We love you Forté! 


Forté striking a regal pose. He is fully aware that he is a handsome monkey.


Forté focusing on a cheerio that he worked very hard to earn.


Forté giving the monkey equivalent of puppy dog eyes.

How could you say no to him?

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